Q: Will commissions reopen?
A: I am currently unable to take on commissions from new clients. If this changes, it will be announced on my twitter.

Fullbody Rigging Only ~ $8,000 USD

Additional outfit rigging ~ $4,000 USD

Fullbody Art Only ~ $5,000 USD

Live2D model package~$12,000 usd

Full custom vtuber model, ready to use in prprlive/vtube studioIncludes:
Fullbody art
Live2D Rigging
Commercial rights
Character design help (optional)


Head XYZ
Body XYZ
Breathing/idle animation
Full physics
Basic expressions (smile, frown, surprise, sad, smug)
Iphone tracking
(Please note in the form if you would like special expressions or toggles)

Will Do:

- Feminine characters
- Anime-styled designs
- Animal ears/tails

Won't Do:

- Half body (only accepting fullbody comms at the moment, sorry!)
- Mecha
- Realism

Samples (Rigging)

I animated the following models, art not by me. Click here for samples of my art!

Vtuber: Artysaur
Art: HyannaNatsu
Rigging: 2wintails

Vtuber: Kamiko Kana
Art: henreaderH_
Rigging: 2wintails

Samples (Art & Rigging)


Art: 2wintails
Rigging: 2wintails
Video Editing: KaeVeo


Art: 2wintails
Rigging: 2wintails


1. Fill out the application form
Provide references or detailed description of your character
2. I will contact you within a week if you have gotten a slot. Slots are not first-come first-served, I'll be picking based on what I'm most interested in working on. I won't be able to accept all applications, I'm really sorry >.<"3. I will discuss the design and commission details with you and
I will give you a quote in USD.
4. Once I’m ready to start work on the commission I’ll send you an invoice through Paypal to your email address. The invoice can either be paid upfront or in installments.5. Commission will take 2-6 weeks depending on complexity/how busy I may be. Feel free to ask for updates!6. When your commission is ready, I will let you know and send you the dropbox/drive link to download your files! :D

Terms & Conditions

- The rights to the model and design are yours. I will not reproduce or sell any part of your design.- The model can be used for commercial streaming/vtubing purposes.- Please credit my work in your twitter bio and/or a permanent spot on your streaming platform (eg. Twitch panels).- Please do not resell any models that I make for you unless I give express permission.- Payment must be made upfront, through Wise, or Paypal. If you need a payment plan, please let me know!- Please also let me know if you have a deadline for the model, or if you are planning debut/subathon events that you expect to have the model finished for! I can accommodate these requests as long as you let me know in advance.